The “WISPIR” Story

The “WISPIR” Story WesternIM undertook a 100,000 box physical records inventory for a large client developing and refining custom code over the two-year project. Fast and accurate were the driving factors. WesternIM refined the code in a follow-up project for another client requiring a physical records inventory. The code sat on the shelf awaiting another

The Importance of a Test Environment

A couple of larger support incidents have occurred recently. I thought it might be a good time to touch on the importance of a test environment in larger Information Systems. Case A: File Transfer Errors Imagine a scenario where users of your system could no longer access or enter content into your system. Entire business

Digital Records: Managing what you can’t see – Winnipeg May 25, 2017

ARMA Winnipeg present Digital Records: Managing what you can’t see May 25, 2017 Registration 11:30 a.m.   Session 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. Norwood Hotel, Winnipeg, MB Followed by Chapter Annual General Meeting Electronic records—ranging from scanned documents and emails to web pages and IM conversations—are a reality for virtually every organization. Regulatory requirements make managing information

Benefits of WesternIM Connector for Outlook

With the difficulties of getting new users on board to your Documentum systems and knowing how important and critical this information is to business, WesternIM Connector For Outlook (WCO) has a long history of managing your mail as well as accessing your Documentum records. WCO provides an integration without compromising either Outlook or your Documentum