1. How long does it take to setup WISPIR for a client site?

We work with you to ensure WISPIR addresses your physical records needs, install and configure the WISPIR software on your desktop, laptop or android smart phone, confirm your device is communicating over the internet with our cloud storage service, provide an orientation session on using the WISPIR service and you are up and running. This ranges from a couple of hours to several days.

  1. How much does WISPIR cost?

As a single user your monthly service cost is $215, paid annually.  Combining the monthly service fee, data hosting, configuration, training and support your first-year investment is $4,980. Each subsequent year would be $2,580 plus any inflation adjustment.

  1. How many users can WISPIR support?

Software is licensed per user and is delivered by running an installation package on your desktop, laptop or android device.Our technical support personnel will walk you through this step.Some clients purchase a laptop and have us install and configure the software and have the laptop shipped to them ready to go.Need another named user to add more inventory data or access the data you have entered, request an additional user for a $50 additional monthly fee.

  1. Can WISPIR be used for multiple sites?

WISPIR uses a simple security model where named users, typically records management personnel, have full access to the WISPIR app and data. If segregation is required, such as HR data, a separate site installation is required.Circumstances can be quite different, give us a call with your situation.

  1. How much training is required to use WISPIR?

The WISPIR service is quite easy to use and the named individuals receive a one -hour orientation session on using the WISPIR service.We anticipate questions will arise over time and have included up to one hour a month in additional training and support.

  1. Do you need to have a classification scheme completed to use WISPIR?

Classification functionality is included in WISPIR and two classifications, disposable and permanent, are pre-loaded.Our support personnel are very knowledgeable in records and information management and can be retained to work with you to load an existing classification structure.

  1. Can you load existing spreadsheet data?

WISPIR comes with a standard spreadsheet format for loading existing data. We can assist you in formatting this data or create a different spreadsheet format for importing your existing information.

  1. Is support available to assist with classification/retention of records?

Ask for a quote on development of a Functional Classification Scheme. We have expertise in validating a Retention Schedule or developing a new one as well.

  1. Does WISPIR have a process for Disposition?

Disposition is handed with great accessibly and quickly. Honoring classification, fiscal, calendar, event driven or variable base date.WIPSIR has a range of processes for generating reports using views and filters to sort and manage data to meet your disposition reporting requirements.

  1. Can WISPIR be used for a passive inventory of digital records?


  1. Can WIPIR report on specific records?

Reporting in WIPSIR is simple, using search and filter. Select or filter to your required documents and select option to report in two main ways: a) select Save Results at any time by selecting any number of displayed records. If you require the output of a report, use quick menu items or hot keys to retrieve the data. For example, if you need your current list of containers, or the info on the current Container with it’s Content, or the full info on the current Content, simply use a hot key to produce the information for use external to WISPIR.

  1.  How much does the Hosted service cost?

The data you enter is stored in a secure data center in Saskatoon, SK using standard internet communications. The estimated number of containers, content volume and number of users is used to determine the storage costs and is included in the monthly service fee. The cost of storage is reviewed annually and may result in an adjustment in the service fee.

  1. Does full text search work on the records content?

WISPIR is a database of information about your physical (or maybe digital) records. The actual documents are not scanned or loaded into WISPIR, so the actual content is not available for full tect searching.

  1. What does a “passive” inventory mean?

WISPIR is a database of information about your physical (or maybe digital) records that provide information about your records without actually having to load the records into the database.This means you can manage the records regardless of where they are physically (or electronically) stored…

  1. Can the WISPIR inventory be migrated to a EDRMS solution?

Planning to implement and EDRMS or already have one and you wish to migrate the data you have created and managed under WISPIR to another solution.We can conduct an assessment, plan, design and execute the data transfer.Contact us for cost of this separate project.

  1. Can WISPIR be used with “in-house” infrastructure?

It is possible.The standard service is in Hosted environment. If required, custom configuration is possible. Ask for a quote.

  1. Can WesternIM develop a classification structure and/or retention scheduled for us?

WesternIM can provide a wide array of records and information management services as a specific project or through a services contract. Let us know what you have in mind so we can provide a quote specific to your needs.

  1. Got another question.       Give us a call or drop us an email.


WISPIR app is now available for users on their android mobile device or Microsoft tablet/laptop. Yes it still works on a desktop!

Clients with any records volume or organization size can build a passive inventory of their physical records with WISPIR and begin to actively manage their records asset.   Mission accomplished.

Customer satisfaction has been incredible.  

    Check it out!