The “WISPIR” Story

2016 WesternIM undertook a 100,000 box physical records inventory and developed built a database for use my multiple staff to track results. Fast and accurate were the driving factors.

2017 WesternIM refined the database to permit capture of existing spreadsheet data and user processes for fast validation/editing using laptops for another client’s physical inventory.

2018 During our internal industry review/assessment, we realized that the software industry seemed to be focused on digital records and had little or no interest in assisting clients with physical records.  Available physical records management solutions were showing their age and not using the latest technological advances.  With decades of experience in technology, records and information management, we realized we could use our tool development to provide clients with a modern and extremely fast physical records management solution. 

And …. WesternIM Information System for Physical Inventory Records (WISPIR) was born.

WesternIM Team packaged our past experience into a sleek and powerful smart-phone and tablet app on the android platform that enabled a user to interact with boxes and folders without having to retreat to their desktop in order to create/search/update/report information on their physical records.

WISPIR was enhanced with additional metadata for flagging personal information, legal holds, vital records, and office of primary responsibility, classification and location using a SQL database in a hosted environment.

Processes were added for check-out/check-in, moving folders between boxes, and bulk updating to complement the very fast and flexible filter searching  and update functions.

With the mobile camera you can scan QR code, barcodes or do image recognition on a label, immediately accessing the inventory data for precise box/content information.

We reviewed WISPIR with seasoned Records Managers and implemented the tool at a couple of sites. The result was a modern easy to use and extremely fast solution requiring minimal training, equipment, and technical support.

2019 The WISPIR app is now available for users on their android mobile device or Microsoft tablet/laptop. Yes it still works on a desktop.

Clients of any size (record volume or organization) can build a passive inventory of their physical records with WISPIR and begin to actively manage their records asset.   Mission accomplished.

Customer satisfaction has been incredible.

Check it out!