The “WISPIR” Story

The “WISPIR” Story

WesternIM undertook a 100,000 box physical records inventory for a large client developing and refining custom code over the two-year project. Fast and accurate were the driving factors. WesternIM refined the code in a follow-up project for another client requiring a physical records inventory.

The code sat on the shelf awaiting another physical inventory project.

During our recent internal industry assessment, WesternIM realized that no one in the industry seemed to be concerned or even interested in assisting smaller clients with their existing physical records.  The assessment revealed that the available physical records management solutions in the market were aging and technologically outdated.  With 30+ years of experience in technology, records and information management and governance we realized we could provide clients with a modern and extremely fast physical records management solution.  

WesternIM Team made the decision to package our past experience into a sleek and powerful smart-phone and tablet app on the android platform that enabled a user to interact with boxes and folders without having to retreat to their desktop in order to create/search/update information on their physical records.

Our Team executed our plan in 2018 and WesternIM Information System for Physical Inventory Records (WISPIR) was born.

WISPIR was enhanced with additional metadata for flagging personal information, legal holds, vital records, and Office of Primary Responsibility, in addition to classification and location.  Processed for check-out/check-in, movement of folders between boxes and bulk updating were added to the fast and flexible filtering for search and update functions.

A fully functional application is now available to the user on-site using their Android mobile device. In fact using the mobile camera you can scan QR code, barcodes or with image recognition on a label, immediately accesses the existing inventory data to show precisely what was already in that box.

The result was a modern and extremely fast physical records management solution (WISPIR) is available as of 2018 September.

Now clients of any size can have an inventory of their physical records and user friendly tools to search and manage their inventory.

Check it out!