The WISPIR application from WesternIM is designed to allow a quick and orderly Records Inventory of all your companies information that is in physical form i.e. shared drives, paper, folders, boxes, shelves, filing cabinets, map drawers etc.

Once you complete your inventory you can maintain your organizations inventory for as long as required in WISPIR.

If you choose an Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRMS) solution in the future WISPIR makes migration of your information simple.

Product Overview

WISPIR is an application designed to allow records management staff to quickly inventory existing physical records, maintain that information and apply fast and easy search for Freedom of Information requests or eDiscovery. No more cumbersome spread sheets or home-grown Microsoft Access databases required. You can apply classification and obtain lists on what is coming up for disposition.

Simple End User Interface

The simple to use client interface allows for quick input whether you are doing physical inventory, maintaining your existing inventory or searching for information. An uncluttered format with everything on one screen. Your team will appreciate the fast and intuitive interface.

Q – Is there a quick way to search, view content and manage content?

1. Browser Containers                                2. View Contents                                                      3. Perform Basic Functions

A – No problem – when you are away from your desk, WISPIR can quickly access boxes and folders on your android device.

Use your Android smart phone or tablet app to :

    1. Browse Containers – Select the QR code symbol to scan barcodes or picture symbolto take a picture of a label to use image recognition to view a specific box.
    1. View Contents – By selecting a container, you can view box information and the content showing basic information for each item (folder).
  1. Perform Basic Functions – Use label scanning to generate a list, and perform functions like: check-in/out, classify or even move items to a new container.

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