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With the difficulties of getting new users on board to your Documentum systems and knowing how important and critical this information is to business, WesternIM Connector For Outlook (WCO) has a long history of managing your mail as well as accessing your Documentum records. WCO provides an integration without compromising either Outlook or your Documentum repository.

WCO files your email while abiding by the rules and security of your repository. Further with no extra installs the WCO Outlook Addin enables all content to be handled in either  Outlook or Documentum. There is no need for additional client side installs like MySQL or UCF. Moving away from My Documentum For Outlook as an integration tool is ideal for minimal client side impact.

WCO uses the full and familiar repository tree structure that honors all of your Documentum security and policies. Furthermore, accessing your records in your Documentum repository is easy within WCO’s navigation. Viewing content, adding url links or even adding attachments is simple and intuitive. Navigate through the tree structure, search or even browse recent emails to make optimum use your content.


WesternIM Connector for Outlook (WCO) and My Documentum for Outlook (MDO) Comparison


Browsing Documentum Records

WCO – Familiar file plan tree structure with additional searching and recent records browsing within the WCO addin panel.

MDO – Predefined profiles that narrow accessible Documentum content beyond already set Documentum security.


Email and Attachment Filing

WCO – Full drag and drop through Outlook mapped folders as well as Documentum tree folder structure with Subscriptions and Short Lists.

MDO – Restrictive predefined Outlook folder structure with repository side configuration required.


Information Mapping

WCO – With strong and easy to use administrative tools to map Documentum types and attributes from your Outlook information you can manage how and what is filed into your repository. Flexible and configurable filing profiles can be used to prompt users for input.

MDO – Profiles only specify types and no attribute level mapping for automatic population for quick importing.


Client Install

WCO – Easy rollout, lightweight strictly Microsoft Outlook Addin

MDO – Additional MySQL and UCF installs and additional maintenance


Good Records Management

WCO – Full support of Records living in your repository without a need for synchronization. Leverage the power and tools in your Documentum system without additional complexity to the end user.

MDO – With synchronization, little is managed within your secure and organized repository under your system policies and procedures.



Not a regular Documentum user? No problem, you have full repository search within your permissions with advance email attribute searching, not just within your Documentum profiles.


Administrative level type mapping is easy to use with simple drag and drop from a full list of Outlook attributes to your Documentum types and their attributes.


Per user folder mapping that allows each user to create and manage their own Outlook folder mappings as drag and drop areas for Documentum locations.

Although made for day to day filing, WCO Inbox cleanup is easy with your type and attribute mapping. Dragging and dropping large number of emails helps you fulfill you Information Governance policies. Recent tests handle WCO filing 2000 emails/hour with no limit on items to transfer where My Documentum limits us to 100 emails per mass import.

In conclusion, WCO provides the tool needed to enable more users to work in the Documentum space easily and with little knowledge of your vast and great Documentum system. With more users and more information, your Repository becomes that much more valuable to everyone.


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