Hard Drive

Where did all my memory go?

Sometimes you run across problems that arise at the intersection of various areas of responsibility. These issues are particularly challenging to resolve because the experts in any given area are not aware of the implications across the entire system. In these cases, it is important to have a generalist who can track the issue across


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – 2019 November 5 Western Information Management Inc. (WesternIM), a Canadian-based leader in the records and information management industry, and PaperLite Company LLC, an information management services company based in Scottsdale, Arizona have entered into an agreement to combine their extensive experience in information management to better protect customer data and meet new, stringent

Get Your RIM Program up And Running

A. Capture        B.  Classification        C.  Reorganization          D.  Migration Records management progression from a start-up situation to a fully managed enterprise records management solution can seem like an insurmountable task. Many organizations implementing a Record and information Management (RIM) program struggle with where to start.  There are considerable digital files in multiple storage structures.   Often records


Looking for a solution to help you manage your information assets spread over multiple locations? Information assets in many corporations today are not readily available to contribute in decision making in a timely way or available for use in Business Intelligence.   After two decades of less than perfect attempts at cleaning up shared drives in

The “WISPIR” Story

The Story 2016 WesternIM undertook a 100,000 box physical records inventory and developed built a database for use my multiple staff to track results. Fast and accurate were the driving factors. 2017 WesternIM refined the database to permit capture of existing spreadsheet data and user processes for fast validation/editing using laptops for another client’s physical