ARMA Canadian Briefs

Topics provided by ARMA of recent legislative and regulatory issues that may affect the management of records and information in Canada. Government Confirms Data Breaches Affecting Employee Payment System Trending Resources on Records Management  Newfoundland Information and Privacy Commissioner Appointed Saskatchewan OIPC Sides with Employer in Computer Monitoring Businesses Urged to Keep Records of Email Consent


The Availability Principle refers to the timely and accurate retrieval of the information needed for corporate requirements, litigation and the support of the business processes. Availability is the Principle that seems to resonate with most users. We do many information management assessments that require interviews with various key stakeholders in those corporations and the most


One of my personal favourites This principle alludes to being able to prove lawful operation of the business, that the recordkeeping program meets and adheres to legislation, regulation and the laws of the land and that the records are retained for lawful amounts of time. Compliance is the one word that I hear the most


The Disposition Principle talks about just that – disposing of those records that are no longer needed after being held for an appropriate amount of time. It also speaks to migration of records to a new media if applicable. This would be appropriate if for instance the records were stored on CD’s or DVD’s since


Integrity is all about the corporate information being reliable and authentic, the reliability of training and direction to employees, the reliability of all the systems infrastructure hardware and software in the Corporation and about adhering to the policies and procedures of the Corporation. Integrity is one of my favourite principles because this is where the


Protection talks about security of information systems, protection from outside leaks of information and the confidentiality of the information. Protection also talks about auditability. Where do I start with protection – I guess at the beginning First of all there needs to be a corporate policy on information and it should have a few key


The Retention Principle is really all about keeping things for the correct amount of time for federal, state, provincial, local and regulatory requirements. For instance, the normal process for retention in a records management program would be to list those records that have come up for disposition like accounting records that would be kept here


The second principle transparency is about documenting the records process, having a program conducted in a clear and appropriate way. The words lawful and appropriate are the key words here. The Maturity Model regarding transparency runs through various incarnations from “we don’t have anything documented” in 1 right up to “documenting things in this organization