Column Editor

The Column Editor allows the customization of any and all Grid Views in WISPIR. By selecting attributes and ordering them, each area of WISPIR can be customized to display relevant information.

Attribute List

The left hand side of the Column Editor lists all the available attributes not already added to the right had side Column List.

Column List

On the right hand side is a list of all attributes to be displayed as columns. Note, the top to bottom order of attributes dictate the left to right order of columns.

To add attributes or to reorder in the Column List, use the mouse to drag from the left Attribute List or drag and drop attributes up and down the column list to reorder you columns.


The filter can be used to search and narrow down attributes displayed in the Attribute List. This can be used to find attributes if your WISPIR repository has a long list.


The type drop down can add additional filter to narrow down you Attribute List to all the attribute associated with a specific type.

Use Default

This checkbox specifies if the column configuration you would like is the default for your WISPIR application. All areas and tabs that have Use Default checked will have the same attributes and order.

Unchecking Use Default will set a specific column configuration for the current area or tab that the Column Editor was opened in.