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The Filter is at the top of the main WISPIR application and consists of a textbox used to search for custom text, followed by a series of dropdown menus that can be customized to specific databases, the Type, Primary, Secondary, and Source dropdowns are part of our Test setup seen here. The Filter will continue to be active if a different tab is selected, switching tabs will not clear the filter. The Filters are additive and can be cleared using the at the far right of the filters or with the ESC key.

Filter via Text

The Filter Textbox is used to filter for specific text within each record (it is not case sensitive), this may be any piece of information within the record but it will not search the object type. For example searching for “Troy” in our test database will display records with that text in any of the imported data related to those records, whether it is visible as a data field, or metadata on the object itself in the object detail form on the right or just imported in the background, such as the author of a pdf.

Result of search for “Troy”
Example of record with the text “Troy” in related data that is not visible.

Note: the search will currently look for identical text, i.e. it will look for “Troy, pdf” not “Troy” and “pdf”.

Filter via Dropdown

The dropdowns to the right of the text filter can be customized for specific databases but work the same and sort only a specific metadata field or object type. In the examples above you can see that the test database is configured for Type, Primary, Secondary, and Source. Each dropdown is limited to all available options for that specific category, whether that be an object type, or metadata field.

Type Dropdown Filter with ‘Primary’ object selected

This filter will still transfer across tabs, for example if the primary “0100” is filtered, in the All Objects tab it will show all records that are related to that primary. If the boxes tab is then selected, the boxes relating to that primary will be displayed.

All objects related to the Primary “0100”.
Filtering for Primary “0100” in the boxes tab.

Combined Filter

Multiple dropdowns and text filters can be combined simply by using them, i.e. entering “Troy” in the text filter then selecting “0100” in the primary dropdown filter will search for records relating to the “0100” primary as well as having “Troy” as text in the metadata.

Combined filter for “Troy” and related to Primary “0100” in the All Objects tab.