WISPIR Import is a basic import tool that allows users to load data into WISPIR from an Excel spreadsheet. This is a dynamic tool that allows each user create their own spreadsheet in a layout that the Import tool can read.

Import Profile

This drop down allows you to select from your available Import Profiles. These could include any Generic Profiles but may also include custom Import Profiles for your organization.


File is the file path to the Excel spreadsheet containing import data. Although you organization may have a custom Import Profile, the default spreadsheet is configurable. You may download the sample document below. This sample document contains information for Volumes being link to a box.

Sample File Download: Sample Import File

Columns – Each column must have row one with the corresponding attribute name.
Rows – Each spreadsheet row contains one object being imported.

Required Columns:

Type – The name of the object type being imported.
Name – Name of the object being imported.

Attribute Columns:

Any number of columns can be added with row headers matching object metadata names.

Special Columns:

Link To – Link To header can be added to specify objects imported item should be linked to. For example,when importing Volumes, specify a Link To column that contains the Name of the box each line should be linked to. Please review the Sample Import File


After selecting a file to import, Entries update with the number of items found for importing. This gives a double check of expected items withing the import file.

Progress Bar

After starting import, the progress bar will update as items are imported.


This button starts the import after spreadsheet file is loaded.


Close the import form within WISPIR. Note, the WISPIR application will remain open.