WISPIR’s Reporting functionality gives users a quick and easy way to use information from their WISPIR repository for processes and procedures outside the application.

Generating Reports

WISPIR uses three main Reports out of the box that are driven by WISPIR results and filtering. Generate Report, Generate Container and Generate Content allow you to dynamically use the information from WISPIR’s current view and pass it to a spreadsheet or template.

Generate Report (Ctrl-R)

This option allows you to use many of the left-hand tab areas. For example, A Container can be filtered and reported on with this option.


Excel View

Generate Container (Ctrl-T)

From Generate Container, the right-hand pane of information can be used in a report. This will include both the Container Information as well as the listed Container Content.


Excel View

Generate Content (Ctrl-G)

After selecting a particular piece of content, Generate Content can be used to retrieve the information from the Container it’s in, as well as the information for that content.


Excel View

Custom Templates

Custom templates are user specific templates that can be created to export data to from WISPIR. These Excel spreadsheets can be created and formatted so that WISPIR may insert data into prescribed locations. These templates can then be selected from a drop-down in WISPIR by hovering over the Print > Generate menu items.

Menu Items

This menu options are dynamically updated from the WISPIR master folder in your My Documents folder. Each WISPIR user can Add, Modify and Generate templates here.

Sample Template

In the above Template sample, the container information is laid out so that it is next to the Repository attribute names and content information to be listed below each content attribute.

Sample Report with Data

Sample Custom Templates – Offset Label Printing

Report in WISPIR can accomplish many reporting and labeling requirements. Below is a sample Label Offset Printing video to demonstrate more of WISPIR Reporting Capabilities.