Welcome to WISPIR’s Online Help. This is a collection of documentation, tutorials, and resources for your WISPIR solution. You can navigate the menu on the right, search the site from the search bar or right-click items within WISPIR for direct links to help for specific components.


Throughout the online documentation, videos are available for key features. You can also access all WISPIR feature videos on YouTube.

WesternIM’s YouTube

Inline Help Menu

Throughout the WISPIR application, context menus are available by right-clicking items. These menus consist of a Help option shown by the green question mark icon along with the title of the resource. These will bring you directly to the corresponding Online Help page.

These help items may be new context menus or added to the bottom of existing menus.

New Context Menu
Added To Existing Context Menu

Contact Support

If the resources do not help solve your issue, or you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at: