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AgileIM has clipboard function to preform many of the actions required for manage objects in your Repository. This clipboard allows for common actions such as Copy, Link and Move.  

C:\Users\sawyert\OneDrive - Western Information Management\Media\Icons\All 128\clipboard.pngCopying to Clipboard

Main Menu– The main Object Menu allows for Copy to Clipboard. This sets the items in your clipboard to currently selected items in the main Tab Area on the left side of AgileIM. 


Context Menu Selecting items in and List View, the right click context menu can perform a Copy. This sets the Clipboard to all current select items in that List View. 


Shortcut Ctrl – C 

Multi Selections  

There are a number of ways to highlight items in list views while attempting to get items to copy to the clipboard.  

1. To select multiple items in a list view using a mouse, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on each item you want to select. Once you’ve selected all the items you want, release the Ctrl key.  

2. To select a range of items in a list view using a mouse, click on the first item you want to select, then hold down the Shift key and click on the last item in the range. All items in between will be selected.  

3. To select all items in a list view, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A. This will select every item in the list view.   

4. If you want to deselect an item, you can hold the ctrl key and click on the already selected item.  

If you want to select all items of a specific type, you can filter the list view by that type, and then use the above methods to select multiple items.  

C:\Users\sawyert\OneDrive - Western Information Management\Media\Icons\All 128\clipboard_add.png Pasting from Clipboard 

Note, pasting will always be in relation to the currently main focused object in AgileIM. This is the currently select object being displayed in the top right object form. 

Main Menu The main Object Menu allows for Paste to Object. Note, the Object will change to the name of the currently focused object in the main Object From in the top left of AgileIM. 


Context Menu The context menu available in the Content View of AgileIM will display the Paste option. This will be available if the clipboard current has items in it and accessing the context menu in the Content View area in the bottom right of AgileIM. 


Shortcut Ctrl – P 

Pasting Actions 

After the Paste action is triggered, a prompt will be given in the bottom middle of AgileIM to select the desired action.

Copy– Adds a copy of the clipboard items to the current main focused object. 

Link Adds a link of the clipboard items to the current main focused object. 

Move Adds the clipboard items to the current main focused object. Move will also remove links to any other objects of the main focused objects type.  

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If the resources do not help solve your issue, or you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at: support@westernim.com.