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Data Mapping

The Data Mapping tool in AgileIM is used to import data from outside sources such as an EXCEL spreadsheet, an Access Database etc. additional import types can be custom created upon request. Additionally, this is used when upgrading between AgileIM versions.

Video Tutorial

Main Interface

The main interface of the Data Mapping tool consists of a display table on the right, which displays the data that is to be imported, and an array of options and selection tools on the left.


The gear icon next to the “File:” label opens the Profile Design box, which allows the mapping profile to be created and edited. These profiles can be selected using the “Profile” dropdown menu. The “Map To” dropdown shows the Object type that the data is being mapped to. The “Auto” checkbox connects the mapping profile to the “Sync” button in the main screen. If this is checked the mapping profile will run when the “Sync” button is pushed, and will import any changes from the data source that have been made, both new records and edits to existing records.

Data Sources

The data source file itself is specified in the Profile Designer, source types can be customized based on needs, some examples are Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, and Sharefile Lists. The tabs labeled “Table” and “Query” direct the mapping tool to the specific area of the data source to be imported. Tables are automatically added by AgileIM and can be selected. Queries are dependent on the source type, i.e. a SQL query for a database.

Metadata Fields

The list of dropdowns below the Properties and Data Source controls are the metadata fields that are related to the object type selected in the “Map To” field above. These are controlled by the Object Type Editor, also in the Admin Menu. The Key is selected by the circular buttons on the left of the metadata fields. The dropdowns to the right of the metadata labels are populated with the columns in the data source displayed to the right. The appropriate column should be selected to coincide with the metadata type it is to be mapped to, once it is selected the column will be highlighted in green.

Profile Designer

The gear Icon next underneath the “Data Mapping” header opens the profile design box.

From here import profiles can be designed to map outside data onto AgileIM types/objects that are created in the Type Editor(make hyperlink). Existing Profiles can be selected from the Profile dropdown, a new profile can be created by entering a name in the name textbox and clicking the new button, the name must be unique.

The type of data to be imported must be selected appropriately to allow the system to integrate properly, new data types may be added upon request, currently there is integration to Excel, Access, Sharepoint lists, previous versions of AgileIM, and Shopify.

The connection string is the file path of the file that is to be imported, it can be type directly into the textbox, or selected using the button.

A query is not required but can be used to select specific data or tables from databases, spreadsheets etc. and are datatype specific, i.e. a SQL query for databases.

The Table dropdown can be used to specify a specific table in a spreadsheet or database, instead of using a query.

The Object dropdown is used to specify which object type the imported data will be mapped to.

The Mapping String is the backend information used to map specific metadata.

The Key for the profile denotes a unique ID from the source that can be used to identify each record and relate it between the AgileIM repository and the original source, this is to allow for syncing to update records instead of adding the same records again and creating doubles of records. These must be unique to each record for this reason.

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