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Electronic Profiles


AgileIM’s Electronic Profiles are used to connect to outside sources for electronic files and their information.

 Managing Electronic Profiles

To access the main Electronic Profiles form, click the Admin Menu at the top of your AgileIM application.

This open the main Electronic Profiles form in the bottom middle of your AgileIM application.


Creating Electronic Profiles

Within your Electronic Profile form, creating a new Electronic Profile by enter your desired profile name in the New Profile textbox and click the New button. This will generate a new blank profile in your Profile dropdown and select it automatically to being configuring.


Configuring An Electronic Profile

By selecting a Profile from the Profile dropdown, you can start configuring a profile or make changes.


Profile Types

For basic configuration the Profile Type will be one of the Generic types out of the box. For example, if you are connecting to a Shared Drive, select “Generic – Share Drive”, or a Sharepoint site would be “Generic – Sharepoint”. Depending on you AgileIM license, more or less Profile Types maybe available.


These two dropdowns allow you to specify what AgileIM type your folders and files, in the case of a Share Drive, would be mapped two. You can select the appropriate type for your AgileIM implementation here. Out of the box, typically you would select and EFolder and EFile respectively.

Main System Properties

From the dropdowns, you can specify how your would like the items from this Profile to be predefined. For example, Site, Sublocation, Department, Records Category, Activity, Primary and Secondary can be mapped.

Records Classification

Set a default Records classification for Content synced for this Electronic Profile.
Note: Depending on your repository configuration, this could consist of a Classification or a Primary and Secondary shown below.



The location textbox is the drive location or URL to the source you wish to connect to. This can be a local drive, network drive or URL.


https://westernim.sharepoint.com/_api/Web/GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl(‘Shared Documents’)


This checkbox allows you to include or exclude files that may be in the top level folder of the location specified.


You can unselect to disable and hide this Electronic Profile.


After Electronic Profiles have been created, Syncs are run manually by default. At any time you can click the Sync button at the top of the AgileIM applications to run an update of your Electronic Profiles.

Electronic Profile View

From the Electronic Tab of AgileIM you can see all Electronic Profile.

For each Electronic Profile you will have a node on the left hand pane. From here you can navigate the contents.

            Note, if the Source is not reachable, it will show with a  forbidden icon. If the Sync has been performed on this Electronic Profile, it will still be browsed from the content information but new info or opening files will not be available.

Context Menu

From anywhere on the right hand Electronic Profile View, the right click Context Menu will be available.

New Profile – Open the Electronic Profile configuration to create a new Electronic Profile.

Sync Profile – Sync the currently selected Profile only.

Edit Profile – Open the Electronic Profile configuration to edit the currently selected profile.

Open – Opens the location of currently selected Profile, Folder or Document.

Functional View

Based on the Synced Electronic Profile and the data mapped to its content, we generate a new Restructured View of the content. This is primarily built from the Department, Function and Activity out of the box.

Functional View Filter

The Restructure treeview can be filtered to show just Populated Department, Function and Activity or areas that contain just Electronic Files (ie: content that has an associated path or URL associated with them)

Contact Support

If the resources do not help solve your issue, or you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at: support@westernim.com.