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In preparation of RIM Month coming in April, try running a RIMM Escape Room!

Objective: The objective of this game is to challenge staff members to use their knowledge of records management practices to solve puzzles and escape from a virtual escape room.

How to Play:

  1. Develop a virtual escape room scenario that requires players to solve a series of puzzles and challenges related to records management practices. For example, challenges may include “Organize a set of digital files into folders and subfolders according to the organization’s classification system,” “Identify and redact personal information from a sample of documents,” or “Develop a retention schedule for a specific record series.”
  2. Divide staff members into teams and provide each team with a link to the virtual escape room.
  3. Encourage teams to work together to solve the puzzles and escape from the virtual room within a set timeframe (such as one hour).
  4. As an extra incentive, you could offer a prize or recognition to the team that escapes the fastest.

This game can be a fun and challenging way to test staff members’ knowledge of records management practices, and can help to identify areas where additional training or education may be needed. It can also help to promote awareness and understanding of the importance of good records management practices within the organization, while providing a fun and engaging team-building activity for staff members.

Puzzle ideas:

  1. Find and extract specific pieces of information from a set of files, such as a name or date range.
  2. Identify and correct errors in a set of metadata fields for a sample of electronic records.
  3. Identify and classify sensitive information in a set of documents, and redact it using a digital redaction tool.
  4. Organize a set of physical files into folders and subfolders according to the organization’s classification system, using clues and hints provided within the escape room.
  5. Determine the appropriate retention period for a set of records based on their type and use, and develop a retention schedule using a template provided within the escape room.
  6. Decrypt a set of encrypted files using a provided decryption key or algorithm, and organize them into the appropriate folders and subfolders.
  7. Identify and delete duplicate files, based on specific criteria such as file type, name, or date.
  8. Reconstruct a partially destroyed physical file, using clues and hints provided within the escape room to identify the missing pieces.

These puzzles can be modified or customized to fit the specific needs and challenges of your organization, and can be designed to test knowledge and skills related to different aspects of records management practices. Remember to provide clear instructions and guidance on how to solve each puzzle, and to offer hints or additional support if needed to help players complete the escape room in a timely manner.

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