WISPIR – WesternIM’s Records Inventory Tool

The WISPIR application from WesternIM is designed to allow a quick and orderly Records Inventory of all your companies information that is in physical form i.e. shared drives, paper, folders, boxes, shelves, filing cabinets, map drawers etc.

A. Inventory              B.  Classification              C.  Reorganization                D.  Migration

WesternIM’s Connector for Outlook –  Documentum

With a majority of our organizations’ content coming from and passed around through email, why can we also generate and manage our content from the same place. With WesternIM’s Connector for Outlook you can do just this while adhering to your Documentum permissions and policies.

documentum_icon1Opentext Documentum
Microsoft_Outlook_2013_logo.svg  Outlook: 2010 to 365