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This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to address the drag and drop issue with Documentum, experienced by some users. The following sections will cover the possible causes and suggested solutions to minimize or eliminate this problem. 

Possible Causes and Solutions 

1. Browser and Tomcat Synchronization 

A common cause for Documentum issues is the lack of synchronization between the browser and Tomcat. To address this problem: 

Do not use the browser’s back button: Using the browser back button only reloads the page and does not inform Tomcat about your current location. Instead, use Documentum’s built-in navigation functions. 

Refresh your browser periodically: Press the refresh button on your browser after every few files to ensure that both the browser and Tomcat have the same information. 

2. User Workflow 

The way users interact with Documentum can contribute to the drag and drop issue. Here are some recommendations: 

Avoid repetitive commands: Performing a long stretch of repetitive commands can lead to synchronization issues. Slow down a bit, allowing Tomcat to keep up with your actions. 

Modify workflow: Instead of dragging and dropping files one by one while modifying metadata, try dragging all files into Documentum first and then modifying metadata within a Documentum folder. 

3. Check for Errors 

If the issue persists, check for errors by inspecting the following log files: 

On the application server (docapp): C:\Tomcat 9.0\documentum\logs\records.log 

On the Tomcat logs: C\Tomcat 9.0\documentum\logs 

On the user’s PC: C:\Users\<username>\Documentum\Logs\WDKNative\wdkextnnative.log 

4. Network and Connection Issues 

Slow connections or network-related issues can also cause drag and drop problems. If this is the case: 

Check network connectivity: Make sure your internet connection is stable and fast enough for Documentum’s requirements. 

Monitor other users: If multiple users are working simultaneously, it is possible that their actions could impact your experience. Coordinate with your team to minimize the chances of conflicts. 

5. Contact Support 

If none of the above solutions resolve the issue, reach out to your organization’s IT department or WesternIM’s support team for further assistance. 


While drag and drop issues with Documentum can be frustrating, following the suggested solutions and best practices outlined in this article should help minimize or eliminate the problem. Should you continue to experience issues, consult your organization’s IT department or WesternIM’s support team for assistance. 

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