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These days most companies are using their email to send content both internally and externally.  Email is great because it is simple to use and allows for easy attachment of documents, images, spreadsheets, forms, or any other way that you are transferring information.  This all goes smoothly until we are required to file all the attachments or go searching for that one spreadsheet that you’re pretty sure someone sent to you last month, some time.  Most companies also have policies surrounding how everyone is supposed to file all the content that they generate and receive. Many use Documentum to try and make the retrieval and security of the content easier, but it is rarely followed to the letter and is usually cumbersome to implement.

WesternIM decided to create Connector for Outlook – Documentum (WCO) to truly make for the easy generation and management of content while adhering to your Documentum permissions and policies.  In the end, everyone from the front desk to IT to corporate executives can work with the Documentum repository directly from Outlook. File email attachments, generate new documents and use content from your repository without leaving your main application for communicating, Outlook.

Here’s who will love having WCO implemented and why:

The everyday user:
WCO allows users to retrieve documents from Documentum by checking out existing content. Simply check back in right from Outlook and attach the document (Documentum link or direct attachment) to a new email.
IT Department:
With mapped folders named and organized with user preferences in Outlook, emails will be automatically moved to corresponding folders in Documentum. No more huge user mailboxes to manage.
With Documentum security, folders can be available to the right groups right within their Outlook ensuring those groups are using the most current corporate documents.

To learn more about WesternIM’s Outlook Connector for Documentum you can book a free Demo HERE or sign up for our free Webinar on November 27th HERE .