Looking for a solution to help you manage your information assets spread over multiple locations?

Information assets in many corporations today are not readily available to contribute in decision making in a timely way or available for use in Business Intelligence.   After two decades of less than perfect attempts at cleaning up shared drives in many organizations, the time and expense is staggering.  What if there was a fast, simple to use and intuitive tool that would allow your own internal resources to map and inventory your most important corporate information.   The WesternIM WISPIR (whisper) tool with a simple interface, stunning speed and flexibility can give you that edge.

How long does it take to setup WISPIR for a client site?

We work with you to ensure WISPIR addresses your paper/electronic records needs, install and configure the WISPIR software on your desktop, laptop or tablet, confirm your device is communicating over the internet with our cloud storage service, provide an orientation session on using the WISPIR service and you are up and running. This can range from a couple of hours to several days.

How much training is required to use WISPIR?

The WISPIR service is quite easy to use and the named individuals receive a one -hour orientation session on using the WISPIR service.  We anticipate questions will arise over time and have included up to one hour a month in additional training and support. Custom training for larger groups is available

How many users can WISPIR support?

Software is licensed per named user and is delivered by running an installation package on your desktop, laptop and/or tablet There is no technical cap on the number of users for a site.   When you need another named user to add more inventory data or access the data you have entered you can add/delete users from the Active Directory control group within your authorized license limit.

How much does WISPIR cost?

A single user subscription cost is $350 per month, paid annually.  There is also a one-time setup fee of $2800. which includes establishing access for the first named user, providing 6 hours online in-person training to named users and providing 6 hours of WISPIR support (project specific consulting and configuration). The subscription fee includes a basic level of service for data hosting.  Additional named users are $50 per month, paid annually.

How much does the Hosted service cost?

The data you enter is stored in a secure data center in Canada using standard internet communications. The basic monthly price includes a level of service that has been established for typical business situations. The cost of storage is reviewed annually to keep costs scaled to your level of use and may result in an adjustment in the annual service fee.

Can WISPIR be used for a passive inventory of physical records?   What about electronic records?

Yes. WISPIR is a management tool that maintains a passive record (inventory) of your physical assets and/or electronic files.   By passive we mean that the assets and files are not moved or copied into another location. WISPIR is a database of information used to create an inventory of your assets so that you know what you have and where it is. The underlying structure is based on Containers and Content.  For physical records this is typically boxes and cabinets.  For electronic records this is Folders and Files.  More advanced uses of this database allow you to classify, relocate, track and report for disposition.  Additional information fields (meta data) can be added based on unique client requirements though custom configuration services. 

What does a “passive” inventory mean for electronic records?

WISPIR is a database of information about your digital records that provides information about their location and other data you have entered as a description of the files.  The actual file is not loaded into the database which means your inventory efforts will have no direct impact on current use of the files. You are able to manage this digital inventory regardless of location on multiple sources such as individual hard drives or shared drives.

Can I use existing spreadsheets with physical records data to start WISPIR?

Absolutely.  WISPIR has a standard spreadsheet import process that you can use or if you can contract our technical support service to load your spreadsheets or Access databases into WISPIR for a quick start.

How do you capture the electronic files from a shared drive?

WISPIR uses import profiles to identify the sources of files and to automatically set values into select meta data fields.  This can be used for highly selective data loading and include the assignment of classification if available at time of importing.  Database updates are very fast, and limited only by the time it takes to identify files that should be loaded into the WISPIR inventory system.

Can I inventory individual PC’s/laptops in our organization along with the shared drive?

Yes, any Windows based directory can be used as a source for importing files to WISPIR.  Our technical team has imported data from alternatives sources. Ask about your specific need.

Does full text search work on the records content?

WISPIR is a database of information about your electronic and/or physical records.  The actual documents are not scanned or loaded into WISPIR, so the actual content is not available for full text searching.

Can WISPIR report on specific records?

Reporting in WISPIR is simple and flexible due to the on-screen search using filters.  Select specific data fields and filter values to identify the required physical assets or electronic files.  Use quick menu items or hot keys to print a report or save the report for future use.  Reporting can accommodate current list of containers, the information about a specific container and its’ content, or detailed information on the content for the current item. Use hot key to create an copy (excel) external to WISPIR.

How soon can I search for information in the Inventory?

Data entry is very dynamic.  As soon as a person enters data into the WISPIR database it can be searched by you or any named user for your site.

Do you need to have a classification scheme completed to use WISPIR?

No.  Classification functionality is included in WISPIR and two classifications, Disposable and Permanent, are pre-loaded.   Our support personnel are very knowledgeable in records and information management and can be retained to work with you to load your existing classification structure.

Can WesternIM develop a classification structure and/or retention scheduled?

WesternIM can provide a wide array of records and information management services as a specific project.  We can conduct a classification review, or develop a Functional Classification Scheme as well as develop or validate your Retention Schedule.  Let us know what you have in mind so we can provide a quote specific to your needs.

Is support available to assist with classification/retention of records?

WesternIM can provide a separate service contract to provide records management support services including training for personnel assigning and entering classifications at point of capture or bulk updating previously loaded records. 

Can I change the classification on existing items in WISPIR inventory?

Yes.  Using the search and filtering to identify a group of records you can use the bulk update feature to change the classification.

Does WISPIR have a process for Disposition?

WISPIR uses views and filters to generate reports that can be used for disposition approvals.  Retention can be based on fiscal year, calendar year, event driven date or variable base date.   The resulting actions can be coded into the inventory database for subsequent reporting.

Can WISPIR be used for multiple sites?

WISPIR uses a simple security model where named users, typically records management personnel, have full access to the WISPIR app and data.   If segregation is required for privacy or confidentiality requirements,  another site installation would be required with separate licensing.  Give us a call to assess your specific security requirements.

Can WISPIR be used with “in-house” infrastructure?

It is possible.  The standard service is in hosted environment which enables us simplify software maintenance and to keep the cost lower. If required, custom configuration on your servers is possible.   Ask for a quote.

 Can the WISPIR inventory be migrated to a EDRMS solution?

Planning to implement an EDRMS or already have one and you wish to migrate the data you have created and managed under WISPIR to another solution.  Once you have an inventory of your assets and files you can load your classification and retention schedules into WISPIR and classify all or some of your inventory.  WISPIR database has capacity to hold your designated location for each asset or file, which can then be used by a migration tool to physically relocate your electronic files to a new location.  This step requires careful and detailed planning and we can conduct an assessment, design a migration plan and execute the data transfer with you.  Contact us for more information on a migration project.

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