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Data can be your organization’s greatest asset or greatest headache – depending on how you handle it and efficiently capitalize on its potential. 
A clear plan and set of tools for Records and Information Management (RIM) is essential. 

But where to start? 

To Do List

As we get down to business for the year, here are our RIM Top 10 for 2020:

  1. Education.  Look at the training/certification options available. Start Now! Connect with your peers and industry experts on your aspirations and learn. Knowledge improves results – guaranteed. https://www.arma.org/page/igp
  2. Take stock.   Do you know what information assets you have across your organization and where they are located?  Do a data map/inventory of shared drives, USB drives, legacy computer systems, Microsoft SharePoint sites, One Drives, and all your physical/paper information.  Know what you have and where to find it.
  3. Identify opportunities.   What information do you generate? What is it used for now? Could changes in information management improve services or promote other benefits?
  4. Have a system.   How do your people use information?  Help others in your organization make information easy to locate and use.     
  5. Set goals.   What are the overarching goals of your corporation? How can you help achieve these goals using your information management expertise? Dream big, start small.
  6. Stay secure.   What security protocols need to be in place? Who sets access permissions? How is sensitive information protected? Are physical assets protected against the elements and natural disasters? Work with business operations to establish high-value information.
  7. Keep it clean.   How many duplicate records are out there? Can you identify ‘real’ duplicates? Which record is the most up-to-date? Use a tool that allows you to find and deal with the unnecessary duplicates.
  8. Out with the old.   What records must be kept and which ones can be securely destroyed? Check the relevant legislation as well as your organization’s historical policies to stay up-to-date. Pick an area and deal with out-dated records now.
  9. Keep your tools sharp.   What do you use to inventory and manage your data assets?   Are you capitalizing on the latest technology, and are these systems integrated?   (We humbly submit our WesternIM AgileIM software solution to help).
  10. Engage RIM expertise.   Records and Information Management is a demanding and detailed job.   WesternIM can work with your in-house team to develop and tailor the best RIM solutions to further your organization’s goals. Contact us to get started.
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